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vaporfi logoElectronic cigarettes also referred to as e-cigs have gained so much popularity as the best alternative to smoking. When you think of E-cigs then you cannot go wrong with VaporFi. Just as their slogan says, think it. Mix it. Vape it.’ goes, it is that simple. The VaporFi is one of the modern revolutionary electronic cigarette with a new cozy look fit for both ladies and men. You can never go wrong with the new VaporFi and here is why:

Unique e-liquids

The VaporFi e-liquids are different from the rest in the market in that they are smooth and come with a variety of different flavors. From any form of nicotine, the e-liquid has two main ingredients: Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. The latter is an organic compound that can be used in production of soda while the former is a sweetening compound usually found in liquors. VaporFi takes health and safety seriously and their e-liquids are certified with the highest standards of regulation in the US known as FDA.

The reason as to why the VaporFi e-liquids rock is because customers can have over three thousand flavors to choose from.

Variety of VaporFi e-cigs

VaporFi have ensured that they reach every market in every niche. There is an e-cig for everyone in the world, from the mods to those who are just starting out to use them. The different varieties include: custom vaporizer builder where the customer is in control of what they like about their vape pipes. The customer just needs to give a full description of what they like online and VaporFi will make this dream into a reality.

They also have something for the newbies known as VaporFi Pro II starter kit. This is for the starters who would like to make a statement through colors by standing out.
Another unique VaporFi product is the VaporFi Express Starter Kit for those who still want to feel that they are smoking the traditional cigarette. It is made in a shape that looks and feels just like the normal cigarettes. Built in the most advanced technology this model combines the modern e-cig and basic cigarette model.

For any VaporFi product, you get a 30 day cash back money guarantee so you can trust that their products are genuine without defaults. VaporFi also offers free shipping to any location in the United States. So if you are looking for that perfect gift for your family and loved ones then VaporFi products are the best for any occasion.