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VaporDNA discountHealth is important on the body, which means find the right e-cg product can be a struggle especially when it comes to e-liquids. VaporDNA a company started in 2013 that provides quality products that can give users effective result. They sell E-cigs, E-juice and Accessories that are 100% authentic and fresh from the manufacturer. The company has made different types of products that has demand on the market such as Project Sub Project Square, Sigelei 40W Mini Book Full Kit, Horizon Arctic Turbo Sub-Ohm Tank and many others.

E Juice

VaporDNA created high quality E juice such as KVASS Premium E-liquid, Lost Art Liquids-Gummy Glue, Mad Hatter Juice, I love Donuts Gourmet, and many other flavors that match the taste buds and preference of the smoker. Their E-juice has become popular on the market along with our VaporDNA coupon.


The company also provides different type of Tanks for the E cigarette. Their Sub- Ohm Silver Play V2 is the evolution of the most advance tank on the market that is design for functionality, compatibility, adaptability and affordability. It is a 100% pure designed by most experienced engineers and was developed in USA.

Drip Tip

VaporDNA also offers Drip Tip in the market. You can choose many designs and colors inch accordance to the customer’s preference. One example of their drip tip was the Rock field Drip Tips that is composed of 2 puffs, a delrin tube piece on both inner and outer with aluminum cover that you can basically choose from its different color and wide bore maximum airflow.


They also offers different accessories for their products such as, Aspire Triton Hollowed Out Tank Sleeve for the tanks, Aspire Triton Clapton Coil for coil replacement, LG 18650 HG2 20A 3000mAh Battery for longer lasting E-cigarette life span, and the EfestXSmart Single Battery USB charger that is affordable, fast charging.

Discounts and Prices

Lastly, the company offers lots of product sale and discounts upon purchasing. Their sale prices start at $6.99 and go up to $200 depending on the brand and type of product or accessories being purchased. They may have high quality products but they also give lower prices and discounts. VaporDNA truely is one of the best E-cigarette companies on the market so far.


VaporDNA creates e-cigarette product to provide the customers a quality remedy. These products are for those people who wants to smoke in a less dangerous way. Their products are totally tobacco free but also contains nicotine that could be additive, and to avoid this every e-cigarette user should have control upon their urge to smoke, always remember that being free from all diseases is one of the main key to achieve a better way of life.