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Johnson Creek couponThe Johnson Creek e-cigarette has finally hit the business sector following quite a while of sneak peaks and indications dropped by the company. This imprints the first endeavor of e-cigarette equipment by the company, which up to this point concentrated on its Smoke Juice line of e-fluids. The ecig was, by company, composed starting from the earliest stage for vapers by vapers.

Johnson Creek’s first year recruit e-cigarette arrives in a good looking retail-style box. The full substance of the container are:

  • 2 Vea 650 mAh batteries
  • 5-pack cartomizers (prefilled or clear) +1 clear carto on the e-cig
  • Friction mounted cartomizer cone
  • USB link
  • AC Adapter
  • Warranty card
  • Printed, represented client’s manual

The Johnson Creek Design

While the Johnson Creek kind of looks like your average eGo e-cigarette, there are a significant number of contrasts. As indicated by the company, the Johnson Creek spent around a year in the outline process. Amid that year, the company took data from its workers and other general e-cigarette clients and fused it into the configuration.

The outcome is a gadget that was developed from the beginning supplement, the company’s Smoke Juice offerings. The thought was to assemble something where all the distinctive parts cooperate for an incredible ordeal.

Battery and Box

Past the looks, there are a couple marquee features on the battery itself. While not precisely new, the 3 click on/off switch is dependably a pleasant component, as is USB go through charging.

I loathe bearing those little e-cigarette chargers to be completely forthright, so I’m a major fanatic of USB go through charging. Simply unscrew the top and module a smaller than usual USB link to charge.

Johnson Creek Cartomizers 

The one thing you can see from the outside of the carto is the end-top. Not at all like most cartomizers, the elastic end top has a little edge that sticks up. This takes into consideration (hypothetically) less demanding filling.


  • Beautiful styling
  • Solid development
  • All segments cooperate
  • Excellent documentation
  • Good guarantee and backing
  • Easy on/off cone, USB charging, 3-click on/off


  • Unable to debilitate light up V logo
  • Works best when obliged to the Johnson Creek biological system
  • Not perfect