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Element Vape LogoElement Vape is not just another typical e-commerce site selling vape pens and e-cig juice. They take a different approach in that they actually want to teach people how to enjoy their experience of vaping. One of their missions is to help people get the same pleasure as they do from smoking your typical cigarette, without the harmful effects.

I think we all know the baggage that comes with smoking your typical tobacco products. Luckily, e-cigs are blissfull without the majority of these issues – and they are way better for the environment too.

This company is super newbie friendly. As I mentioned earlier, Element Vape is a great place to begin if you are just starting out and wanting to pick up the vaping trend. One reason for this is because they offer a lot of varied starter kits. These starter kits come with everything you will initially need to get going.

One thing to note here as you grow in your experience with vaping, are the mods. The mods sold here are typically clones of more expensive, premium mods. if you are wondering what the heck I am talking about, a mechanical vaping modification or vape mod is exactly how it sounds like – it customizes the vape pen. A good mod can turn a typical vape pen into a vape on steroids.

Some mods allow the pen to last longer, allowing you enjoy vaping more, and other mods make the actual inhale harsher and more powerful (some people like it intense!)

Overall, Element Vape is a really cool store and has a lot to offer to both newbies and vaping fanatics (so just because you are an old curmudgeon “expert” doesn’t mean there isn’t good stuff here too). If you are new, I would recommend using our Element Vape discount code and checking out some of their starting kits. Their prices are reasonable and shipping is quick.