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Bella’s Vaping Coupons and Reviews was a a project started by Bella to help her fellow smokers easily transition from smoking traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes. She has made it convient for vapers to save on all e-cigarette products an accessories. Everything from e-cig cartridges, e-cig atomizers, e-cig cases, e-cig batteries, e-cig cartridges & more.

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How E-Cigs Work: 

In today’s complex and technological age, traditional cigarettes are no longer seen as a safe way of smoking nicotine products. With the toxic chemicals found in traditional cigarettes, it is hard for anyone to pass up the modern e-cigarettes. When you first inhale you will notice that the LED light at the tip of the e-cig lights up; this is how you can tell its charge. As you continue to inhale the battery gives it the energy to vaporize the nicotine. When you release you find a breath full of vaper exhaling your mouth.

how e-cigs work

Top E-Cig Brands: 

We’d like to help. Here are just some of the top e-cig brands in the industry. We know as knew vapors it can be difficult finding a product you enjoy and trust. Let us help!

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To learn more about some of these brands, explore Bella’s site. Also save on your next e-cig purchase with her exlusive e-cig coupon codes!