Watch Shaq teach Bella about the importance of driving safely. Enjoy!

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im back guys miss all so much dont have a lot time of post i go to ballet from 12 of morning to 11 of night and i fall sleep when i came we are going to a national competition in Dallas in may who lives in Dallas,TX maybe we meet lol btw dont see my ugly face guys just see the message : idecide not too drink over ages -bella thorne & idecide campaign #idecide @idecide_campaign @bellathorne #bellathorne - "I Decide. You Decide. Teens Decide. We know how to make smart decisions." - @bellathorne 💕 lets support her!! - • @bellathorne #bellathorne #idecide • There's still time to enter for this exclusive #iDECIDE tank top! Visit Will you have yours for the summer? #iDecide Alcohol Awareness Month by #goFAAR Join me & celebs like @bellathorne today by showing your support and posting a photo today with the #iDecide logo today! Are you planning a road trip this #springbreak? If so, we hope you DECIDE to apply what you learned in February from @bellathorne and @theretireddroneal! If you haven't seen the safe-driving videos, check out #iDECIDE Are you on #springbreak? Tell us how you unwind by using #iDECIDE #iDecide to not drink under age because I know it's not good for me #nationalalcoholawareness @bellathorne @bella_idecide #iDECIDE My reason for not drinking underage is its not smart and why should i theres nothing good that will come from it hashtag iDECIDE and tell your reason for not drinking underage for alchohal awarness month please tag me if you do this Help @bella_iDECIDE, @bellathorne, @theretireddroneal and @ask_listen_learn spread the word about Alcohol Awareness Month with #iDECIDE & #Responsibility #iDecide!!!💭 @nadialovesbella Thank you for sharing your prize with us from "Shaq Teaches Bella About Driving"! Don't miss out on our latest prize - an exclusive #iDECIDE tank top! Visit the link in our profile now ( I decide #repost thank you @apostolicprincessingod for sharing a photo of your "Shaq Teaches Bella About Driving" prize! #iDECIDE @pinktumblr_gurl Thanks for sharing your photo of your "Shaq Teaches Bella About Driving" instant win prize! #repost #iDECIDE OMGGGG LOOK WHAT CAME IN JUST NOW 😱😱😍😍 I'm soooo happy IT EVEN CAME WITH A LITTLE NOTE !!!!! Thankkkk youuuu soooo muchhhh @bellathorne @bella_idecide #idecide A big thank you to @ashwagner2010 and @ask_listen_learn for sharing tips on leading a #healthy lifestyle in celebration of National #Nutrition Month. Have you made #smart and #healthy choices this month? #iDECIDE P.S. Have you registered for the tank top as seen on Ashley here? Visit the link in our profile! Congrats to our "Shaq Teaches Bella About Driving" winner Claudia B. and her granddaughters Keara and Olivia! iDECIDE ambassador @bellathorne can't wait to meet you both! #iDECIDE Are you a registered #iDECIDE user? Visit the link in our profile ( now and receive this exclusive tank top! Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? We've asked our friend and @ask_listen_learn ambassador @AshWagner2010 to join us and share tips on leading a #healthy lifestyle! Follow along starting tomorrow for updates and be sure to share YOUR healthy photos using #iDECIDE! #Spring has sprung! Start the season right and visit to download this seasonal wallpaper and more for your mobile device and desktop screen now! #iDECIDE The iDECIDE team wishes you a #happy and #safe St. Patrick’s Day! #iDECIDE If you’re celebrating #StPatricksDay this weekend, be sure to make #smart and #healthychoices! And download this festive wallpaper at! #iDECIDE To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and the first day of spring (later this month), we created seasonal wallpapers especially for you. Here’s a peek at the St. Patrick’s Day wallpaper. Visit to get yours! #iDECIDE #StPatricksDay #spring Perfect screen saver for my St Patricks Day birthday @bella_idecide @bellathorne #iDECIDE
I Decide. You Decide. Teens Decide. We know how to make smart decisions.

Help Me Decide


  • Parties
  • Driving
  • School Events
  • Academics


You Say:

Feeling pressure to drink

You Say:

Thanks but no thanks. I don’t need alcohol to have fun.

Attending a party with no parental supervision

You Say:

I don’t really feel comfortable with that. Why don’t we do something else tonight?

Riding in a car when the driver is texting

You Say:

You focus on the road. I’ll do the texting for you.

Realizing your driver has had a few drinks

You Say:

Uncool. I want to survive this car ride. Pull over, I'm driving.

Drinking before a school dance

You Say:

No, thanks. With moves like mine, alcohol will only hold me back.

Drinking before a football game

You Say:

No way. Too much at stake. My parents would ground me forever.

Getting flack for being committed to getting good grades

You Say:

Don’t be a hater because I’m making smart decisions.

Skipping school

You Say:

Sounds like fun but missing class isn’t going to get me into college.




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